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Experiential Event Productions

Informing Brands Through Unforgettable Cultural Experiences
Creative Furnace has a long history of creating high-concept, groundbreaking experiential event series that inform a brand's image, create market buzz, and generate media coverage while driving visitation, SEO and loyalty.
These productions also generate dynamic and real-life content for Social Media Channels and direct communications to a brand's customer base and overall audience.
Our absolute goal with event-based marketing is to have every guest who attends these gatherings to walk away feeling that they've had a stellar experience and cannot wait to share their story with their network of friends.
Our experiential events extend into our cost-effective, 3-prong approach to in-market visits to strategically and simultaneously connect and inspire loyalty and action from trade, media, and consumers.
We have extensive relationships with chefs, venues, musical artists, filmmakers, videographers, photographers, media and other lifestyle industries to expedite, launch and produce compelling cultural events.

While working with the Good Life Wine Collective, Joel partnered with Yountville Live to bring in author, chef, artist, and TV personality Chef Bob Blumer, AKA, The Surreal Gourmet for a VIP dinner and master class

Video courtesy of Yountville Live

Joel's 7-year production of Jessup Cellars' 'Art House Short Film Series' became the beachhead for launching the Yountville Int'l Short Film Festival in 2017

Video courtesy of Yountville Int'l Short Film Festival

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